Our customers’ stories

At Loughton Personal Training, we are committed to healthy living. Whether you are a fitness guru or a beginner, we can help you achieve your fitness goals. Read what some of our clients have to say about our fitness programmes. You can monitor your progress and stay on track. Our trainers will evaluate your current fitness levels and recommend a training package for you. Contact us today.

Lifestyle change package

After years of no exercise and unhealthy eating, I thought it was about time I did something about it. I started to train with Nick and he quickly identified the right exercise and eating plan for me and then began to put me through my paces. Now I’ve dropped over 3 stone of body fat and increased my lean mass and feel great! Exercise is now something I love to do and take pride in.

– Leigh

Wedding weight loss package

I heard from the Loughton mums network about how brilliant the Loughton Personal Training team were and, as I was getting married I had a goal amount of weight to lose for my big day, I decided to sign up to the Wedding Weight Loss package. I was so happy with my progress and results and felt amazing on my wedding day (as every bride should!). Thank you so much LPT team!

– Alexis

Total toning package

I had got myself into a routine of not eating a balanced diet and wanted to do something about this before it started really affecting my long term health. I signed up with the Loughton team after hearing so many positive reviews about them from local friends. My trainer began working with me at Loughton Leisure centre in the gym and studio. I soon realised how much better I looked and felt whilst exercising on their programme and eating the way I was advised to. I was pushed to reach my full potential and this actually began to be really fun for me! I could see progress very quickly and reached the ideal weight goal I had set for myself. Now, I couldn’t imagine going more than a few days without exercise!

– Michael